Where To Find a Coach in GTA 3 Definitive Edition [Figured Out Achievement]

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The Got This Figured Out trophy is extremely difficult to unlock in GTA 3 and it might take players a few attempts to complete. This trophy requires players to perform two specific tasks within a set timer of 5 minutes.

Having said that, one of these tasks involve finding a Coach and can be accomplished rather swiftly. However, the second task requires the player to find 8 prostitutes and ensure that they reach the Liberty Police Department's Annual Ball.

In order to find all the eight required NPCs, players will need to explore the map and spot out locations where they can find prostitutes. Players are advised to collect a fair bit of knowledge about the NPC locations before getting started with their quest of unlocking the Got This Figured Out trophy.

With that out of the way, let's dive in and check out how and where players can find a Coach in GTA 3.

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How To Find A Coach

The Coach vehicle has made recurring appearances in the GTA Franchise as a part of important missions. However, the coach is absolutely essential for unlocking the Got This Figured Out trophy in the game.

Having said that, there is only one location on the entire map where players are guaranteed to find a Coach. For this, players will need to head over to the bus depot located in Trenton, Portland. It is at this location where players can always find two unguarded Coaches.

Once the coach has been collected, players will need to revisit all the locations where they have previously spotted prostitute NPCs. However, given that players need to find a total of 8 such NPCs, the process can be fairly time consuming.

Nevertheless, players can simply redo the entire scenario in case the NPCs do not reach the Annual Ball before the timer runs out.

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