How To Get the Bulletproof Patriot in GTA 3 Definitive Edition

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GTA 3 features a bunch of stellar vehicles such as the Dodo aircraft and the Bulletproof patriot car. However, like most iconic things in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, finding these vehicles can be fairly tricky.

For those who wish to find and fly the Dodo in GTA 3 can check out our guide on how to do so. As for the Bulletproof Patriot, keep reading for a quick and easy guide to unlock the nearly indestructible vehicle in the game.

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How To Get The Bulletproof Patriot

Before heading into the guide, readers should be aware of the fact that the Patriot is not the only bulletproof vehicle in GTA 3. Additionally, players should also have managed to unlock various other bulletproof cars by the time players reach the stage where they can unlock the Patriot,

Having said that, unlocking the Patriot in GTA 3 is a fairly simple task. All the player needs to do is complete the last mission they receive from Ray in the game, Marked Man.

During this mission, Ray is being targeted by the CIA and the player is tasked with ensuring safe passage for the NPC to the airport. However, there are two different routes that the player can opt for.

The first and most obvious route is by travelling across the bridge to Shoreside Vale. Nevertheless, given that Ray is being targetted by the CIA, the bridge is swarmed with agents who will shoot at the moving vehicle. For this reason, players are advised to make the journey with Ray in an already unlocked bulletproof vehicle.

In case the player doesn't have a bulletproof vehicle at this point in their game, they will need to opt for the route through the tunnels. Going through the tunnels ensures that players avoid all the gunshots being fired on the bridge and make a peaceful journey to the airport.

After dropping Ray at the airport, the NPC will provide a key to his locker and leave for Miami. Following this, the player needs to head over to the location of the locker and unlock it using the key given by Ray.


Inside the locker, the player will find a few weapons along with the Bulletproof Patriot. Considering the simplicity of the Marked Man mission, players shouldn't have much trouble in unlocking this iconic car in GTA 3.

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