GTA 3 Dodo Location and How To Fly The Dodo Plane

The Dodo is definitely one of the most difficult to operate aircrafts in GTA 3. However, once a player manages to master the art of flying this aircraft, they can let their imaginations run crazy with mid-air stunts.

Nevertheless, players should note that due to the Dodo's short wingspan, the aircraft cannot stay in the air for long durations. Given that the Dodo is the only aircraft available in GTA 3, players don't really have any alternative when it comes to flying.

Having said that, let's check out where players can find the Dodo as well as how they can operate it smoothly in GTA 3.

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Where to find the Dodo location in GTA 3?

The Dodo is available at various locations across the map of Liberty City in GTA 3. Players can choose to travel to any one of the points to access the Dodo and practice their skills with the aircraft.

Here's the list of locations:

  • Inside the Green Hangar located on the north of Francis International Airport
  • Inside the Southwest Hangat in Francis International Airport
  • On the eastern end of the Francis International Airport's runway
  • At the Portland Import/Export Garage.

Once the player has gotten access to a Dodo, they will need to practice operating the aircraft.

How to fly the Dodo?

In order to fly the Dodo, players will first need to get acquainted with the Dodo Up and Dodo Down hotkeys. These are the basic hotkeys that are extremely essential for the aircraft's flight. Players can select hotkeys of their choice from the in-game settings menu.

After having the hotkeys set to their preference and accessing a Dodo, players need to follow a series of steps to get the aircraft to takeoff. These steps include:

  • Hold down both the Dodo Up and Dodo Down hotkeys at the same time
  • Release the Dodo Down hotkey once sparks start flying from beneath the plane.
  • Once the plane starts rising into the air, the player might need to tap the Dodo Down hotkey at times to ensure that the aircraft's lift is not too sharp.

Following these steps will allow players to get the Dodo aircraft flying in the air. However, controlling the flying vehicle is a different story altogether.

Similar to most vehicles in the GTA franchise, the Dodo requires high focus and concentration to operate correctly. Even a slight mistake can send the aircraft in a downward spiral, eventually resulting in a crash.

Therefore, players are suggested to ensure that they do not hold down directional commands as they heavily affect the rudder of the Dodo. Instead, gentle taps are advised to ensure that the Dodo remains on course without facing any risks of crashing.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at how to land the Dodo after a flight without resulting in a crash. Needless to say, landing a Dodo is definitely the trickiest part of the entire experience.

In order to land the Dodo, players will need to hold down the "Back" hotkey while also softly tapping the Dodo Down hotkey to lower the vehicle. As the aircraft touches the ground, the player needs to hold down both the hotkeys together at the same time to decrease the speed gradually. This will allow players to land the Dodo without causing much damage to the aircraft.

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