xQc Tried GTA RP Battle Royale And Hunted Down The Man Who Banned Him 5 Times

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xQc has been banned from GTA RP several times. Since they keep letting xQc back in, these are all merely 'permanent bans' in name only. Koil seems to be the one defending xQc with every ban, but he is the one issuing them.

Finally, xQc played GTA RP Battle Royale on NoPixel's server. There, he found Koil and literally pursued him. A gunfight ensued when he took Koil's car out, and it was apparent xQc wanted it badly.

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GTA RP Battle Royale

xQc gave his all in this fight and obviously had the upper hand. Shooters are pretty interchangeable when they're just thinking about aiming, and xQc isn't just an average player; he's a former pro. Despite all of this, it's a wonderful sight to see, and what happens afterward is quite hilarious.

xQc actually underestimates his damage and bleeds out. Koil knew it, too; he taunted xQc that he was going to die. I enjoyed the exchange between xQc and Koil the most:

xQc: Do I RP here?
Koil: Do you RP anyway, mate?

This is alluding to the fact that xQc was banned for not RPing. Koil has one last laugh before xQc executes him.

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This video shows everyone starting the Battle Royale in GTA RP. Some players don't even bother with the main storyline, even though it is excellent. When players play as Trevor for the first time, they are taught how to use the parachute. These players, including xQc, didn't know how to use the parachute.


That's gold.

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