Windsor Drop Review: Is It Worth It?

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We’ve got the latest GTA Online Weekly Update and that means more free stuff for players to collect, which is always fun for the hardcore fanbase of this ridiculously popular game.

Despite the amount of carnage players can do with guns and their firsts in GTA Online, this game has also managed to find an identity with awesome vehicular-based gameplay, whether it's racing or car combat.


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Windsor Drop Review: Is It Worth It?

Currently, the new Podium Vehicle in GTA Online is the Windsor Drop, though players can also get it for $900,000 in Legendary Motorsport.

Is GTA Online's Windsor Drop worth it? Let’s find out.


Windsor Drop Review

The Enus Windsor Drop was released back in 2016 for both GTA 5 and GTA Online, with giving the vehicle an overall score of 60.06.

Obviously, that’s not the best score a vehicle in GTA Online can get but let’s observe it a bit more.

Where Can I Find The Windsor Drop?

In GTA Online, players can get the Windsor Drop by trying their luck at the Podium this week or buying it for $900,000 in Legendary Motorsport.


As for GTA 5 players, they can get it through the game’s internet store, which shouldn’t be a problem, given how easy it is to make money.


Purchase Price

GTA Online players can get the Windsor Drop for $900,000 in Legendary Motorsport. The vehicle is also $900,000 in GTA 5 for those that are playing the single-player.


Trade Price

You can trade the Windsor Drop for $540,000.

Windsor Drop In Real Life

The Windsor Drop was based on the Rolls Royce Wraith, particularly the Ghost-type.


What Is The Top Speed Of Windsor Drop?

Racers will be interested to know that the Windsor Drop’s top speed is 93.21 mph (150.00 km/h) in the game files and 118.00 mph (189.90 km/h) in the actual game.

Is The Windsor Drop Worth It?

Considering how it came out way back in 2016 for GTA Online, there are probably vehicles that are superior to the Windsor Drop now.


Still, it looks cool and is fairly fast so if you’re trying to collect these, knock yourselves out.