GTA Online: How to Start Double Down Co-Op

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GTA Online Double Down Adversary Co-Op mode official artwork

Adversary modes are one of the mission modes you can choose to do in GTA Online. Now, there is a brand new one for you to try out and it lets you play as the bickering best friends, Franklin and Lamar. There are seven maps for you to choose from, each lasts 4 minutes and you get to play as both sides. We're going to show you how to start the Double Down co-op mode.

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How to Start Double Down Co-Op

To start Double Down Co-op, we recommend you find somewhere safe to stand. Either a building you own or a garage that you own would work. (You're vulnerable while searching a menu, hence finding safe space first).

Once you are in the safe space, follow these steps to find the mode:

  • Open the pause menu
  • Click on the "Online" tab
  • Select "Jobs" and then click on "Play Job"
  • Choose the "Rockstar Made" option
  • Scroll down until you come across the seven different Double Down maps.
GTA Online Adversary Mode Menu Double Down Co-Op
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Take your time to look at the details of each map and then decide which one you want to play. Once another team joins and you are all ready, you will be thrown into your chosen map. If you are an attacker, use all your might to defeat the other team. If you are playing as Franklin and Lamar as the Hold-Outs, do whatever you need to do to stay alive.

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