Sending Invites Is Disabled GTA Online: How To Fix Error On PS4

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The ‘Sending invites Is Disabled’ glitch has reared its ugly head once again in GTA V.

PS4 players are once again finding in impossible to send invites to their friends, and a fix is needed right away!


If you are one such player, here are some of the fixes you can try to resolve this issue.

How To Enable Invites Again

Thankfully you won’t have to try and do the GTA Online tutorial as the error message tells you!

Rockstar has come to our aid with a semi-solution that should be a lot less time-consuming.


It’s likely that a patch is on the way soon too, but the holidays will have put a delay on things.

Perhaps it’ll come mid-January or later, but we can’t say for sure as we don’t know how complex this issue is beneath the surface.

A party we all want to get in on! (Image: Rockstar)


For more immediate help, according to the official Rockstar Support page, while in-game invites aren’t working Playstation’s own invite system is still working fine!

As the Support page says:

“PlayStation 4 players having issues inviting or playing with friends in GTA Online can resolve this issue by using the PlayStation Join Friends/Party features.”

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How To Start A PS4 Party

To start a PS4 party, head to the PS4 Home Screen then press up and head to Party.

Choose ‘Start Party’ and then select either Create Group o choose an existing group if you’ve formed a party with them before.

Come up with a Group Name, choose the privacy settings and then Add Players to join your party and game together!


Now when you load into GTA Online you should be partied up!