Rockstar Needs To Stop All Of These GTA 6 Leaks

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More leaks have occurred for GTA 6 than any other series. It's not to say that all of them are true; rather, it's to say that there are too many. Whether the leak is about what the map looks like or where it is taking place, GTA 6 has a lot of leaks.

Rockstar may seem powerless to stop these claims, but I don't think that's true. Taking a closer look at several leaks, it seems they have a lot in common. As a result, fans have been able to piece together what is most likely in GTA 6 and what is not. However, having this many leaks actually harms the game.


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GTA 6 Leaks Are Getting Out Of Hand

I recently wrote about Rockstar not releasing GTA 6 anytime soon in my recent article. In summary, they will end service for PS3 and Xbox 360 and prepare to release GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. This shows that they are still in the mindset that GTA 5 needs to be their top priority, at least for these next few years.

In fact, if I were to go online and search for GTA 6, there would be so many details about the game, some of which are true, but many more of which are not. GFinity has its own hub that has confirmed details, which fans can find here. If you look at our page of confirmed information, that shows how many half-truths are circulating at the moment.


It was revealed to me by a friend at TT Games that video game companies dislike leaks (who would have thought?) Because they want to control the information so they can market the game as effectively as possible. Furthermore, games in a current state do not reflect their state upon release, so it hurts them twice over.

How Rockstar can fix all of the GTA 6 leaks

Bethesda and Kotaku have not been friends since Kotaku reported on a leak about Fallout 4 that turned out to be true. Those consequences have led other sites to hold back on leading the call for leaks in fear of souring their relationship with Bethesda. At GFinity, we also try not to ruin games with unconfirmed leaks, mainly because we value integrity and want to improve the industry.

Rockstar must show the places reporting on the most random leaks that they are hurting themselves by doing so. If I have to report on an unconfirmed leak, I usually say how stupid it is. Still, we actually do have a policy where we try not to write about any leaks that have no basis at all here at GFinity.


In the same way Bethesda does it, Rockstar could force more sites to do the same thing. They can create fear on sites by privileging information to those in good standing and refusing to work with those who do not. It's just an idea, but Rockstar has to start doing something.

Until then, we're going to have so much information about what GTA 6 could be, rather than what it actually is. I know more about a fake GTA 6 than the real one, and when real information comes out, I may not be as interested.

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