Rockstar Announces Brand-New Music Label CircoLoco Records

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Rockstar, makers of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, are partnering with underground music party group Circoloco to create CircoLoco Records.

If you’re expecting to hear the tunes of GTA or Phil Collins on the new Rockstar music label, think again.

The Rockstar label will take its commitment to underground and alternative music in GTA Online to new levels, featuring partnerships with notable DJs and other Circoloco luminaries, including Seth Troxler, plus up-and-comers such as Sama' Abdulhad.

The first CircoLoco Records album will be released in stages, in a way. The label will release several EPs with tracks off the first full album, Monday Dreamin’.

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Rockstar Announces Brand-New Music Label CircoLoco Records

Monday Dreamin’ is a compilation of some of Circoloco’s biggest hits to date and releases July 9.

The first EP will release June 4, with several more to follow leading up to the full album launch date.

Rockstar said in the official statement that partnering with Circoloco was a natural move for the developer.

“From the beginning, the club’s commitment to music-focused, no-frills club nights [featured] many of the artists from GTA Online’s After Hours and The Cayo Perico Heist, including The Blessed Madonna, Dixon, Solomun, Keinemusik, Tale Of Us, and Moodymann.”

Whether this means we’ll see a Fortnite-style crossover event with CircoLoco performances in GTA Online remains to be seen, but we certainly hope it happens.

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[Source: Rockstar]

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