GTA Online Is Being Used by Cartels to Recruit Drug Mules

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GTA Online remains one of the most popular multiplayer titles out there, but worrying reports have emerged stating drug cartels are using it to recruit drug mules. The US government has discovered evidence of real-life cartels trying to recruit drug mules for them.

Uncovered by Forbes, a recent report detailed how some GTA Online players met these drug dealers and began working for them. One account details a Jeep Cherokee driver named Alyssa Navaro meeting someone named “George,” who was later recruited as a “runner” by shipping electronics from Mexico.

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GTA Online Is Being Used By Cartels To Recruit Drug Mules

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Stories also emerged about the Sinaloa Cartel recruiting minors through GTA Online and other mobile games popular with children. It's a terrifying reminder to be careful who you interact with online.

While Grand Theft Auto games have always been marketed towards adults, they remain popular with younger audiences, so parental caution is fully advised. In this instance, the US Justice department has prosecuted several men behind these incidents, and we'll keep you informed as we learn more.

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