New Grand Theft Auto Remake Rumors Surface

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There's been no shortage of Grand Theft Auto remake rumors in the past months, but there's another set making the rounds courtesy of the GTA Forums.

Staff member Mach1bud left a few comments in the forums, spotted by Reddit user newbiebobby, suggesting Rockstar will make some kind of announcement in the next month and hinting at what the remakes will be like.


They said the GTA remakes will include the original trilogy and that "Ya gotta remember that they have a solid amount of the content already created in Gtao [sic]. Like many of the cars."

These assets and the effort of several studios will help Rockstar release all three games in the near future, Mach1 said.

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New Grand Theft Auto Remake Rumors Surface

These remakes will reportedly look better than GTA 5, but not as good as Red Dead Redemption 2. Mach1bud compared them to the recent Mafia remakes.


They then seemed to reverse course, saying none of this was based on "inside info" before making another 180 turn:

"Some things are better off left defined in a certain way until the truth is revealed. For now, take my words as speculation. In the future you can make up your own mind about what the things I've said to be what you think they are or are not.

The future will be unreal. Trust me on that."

As with any rumors or alleged insider information, it's best to treat these with a good deal of speculation.

Still, with GTA 6 probably not releasing in the next couple of years, it would be more surprising if Rockstar didn't release some kind of remaster to pad out its portfolio in the meantime.

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