GTA Online Winter Update 2021 Release Date, New DLC, Dr Dre Content, and Rewards

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UPDATE: The current GTA Online Weekly Update is set to conclude on Tuesday December 14th. This is slightly longer than the normal 7 days event week. It also likely means that the Winter Update will probably drop on this same day. Stay tuned for potential leaks from today's new Weekly Update.

The GTA Online Winter update is probably going to be the most interesting update for the game in 2021. Not only will this update kick start the festive season in the game, but it also adds some exciting new content to the game.

We still don't have a proper date for the update to arrive, but given that we're heading into December, the update should drop sometime soon.

Here's everything we know about the fabled GTA Online Winter update.

Latest News

8 December 2021 -

Some fans are speculating as to whether the new Winter Update is going to add something akin to a record label as a new legitimate business. Which would make sense if Dr Dre is involved.

The latest update appears to come from a Twitter post from BONES, an American rapper, singer and songwriter who is also the founder of the music collective TeamSESH.

It's still not entirely clear how 'big' this next update will turn out to be. Typically Winter updates for the game are bigger than the usual Summer updates. But we know that the Expanded & Enhanced edition of GTA was meant to ship this side of Christmas before being delayed until 2022. So it's possible this is also a smaller update than usual, brought forward to fill the gap left by the Expanded editions delay.

Time will tell.

The GTA Online Winter update: Everything we know

One prominent GTA Online leaker and commentator says there's a chance that the Dr. Dre collaboration in GTA Online will happen sooner than we expected.

They go on to suggest that the Dr. Dre x GTA Online collaboration will go live with the GTA Online winter update.

The next update is codenamed "Fixers" and will be more of a musical expansion. Since we've already seen the Los Santos Tuners update bringing the car scene to Los Santos, a musical expansion featuring Dr. Dre himself could be quite substantial.

That said, Rockstar and leakers have mentioned little so far about what else to expect in the GTA Online Winter update There's a chance that we might be seeing a new Nightclub in the game (we're secretly rooting for Malibu Club), which could also be involved in a new heist.

That's all we know for now. If everything goes right, we could be seeing the update go live during the first week of December. Meanwhile, all we can do is wait for Christmas to arrive in GTA Online.

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