GTA Online Weekly Update May Be Delayed Until Next Week

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It's time for another Grand Theft Auto Online Weekly Update, because it's Thursday and that's when Rockstar's new event week happens, right?

Well, no. Actually, it seems as though GTA Online's weekly update seems to have skipped a week.


Many players will no doubt be checking Reddit and Twitter looking for details of the new weekly update for GTA Online today, but there's no info. We were looking ourselves.

It seems Rockstar are sticking to the existing event week rewards which began on June 10.

As per RedDeadNet on Twitter, this is intentional and in their eyes could mean some new Red Dead Online news is on the way.

Maybe? Who knows perhaps Rockstar has some news about the upcoming Red Dead Online Summer Update or GTA Online Summer Update.


Either way, it seems as though there is no new event week for GTA Online.

We hope we stand corrected. As we'd quite like a new podium vehicle and some new ways to make money in GTA Online this week.

Assuming there is no new event week, it would mean the existing rewards on offer will remain active until next Thursday, June 24.

We'll probably also get some official confirmation from Rockstar's newswire later this afternoon.

For now, stay tuned for updates, but given it's gone 10.30AM BST, we doubt the new weekly update is coming.