GTA Online Trade Prices: How To Get Trade Prices For New Los Santos Tuner Cars

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There's so much to see and do in GTA Online that it's hard to know where to start some days.

Between contract missions, heists, hidden collectibles, races and just mindless mischief with other players, there's plenty to keep any fan entertained.


But one of the biggest pastimes is collecting and driving the many cars available in the game.

Still, you don't want to be paying top dollar with every purchase. So keep reading, we'll explain how you can save some money by buying cars with the trade price in GTA Online.

GTA Online Maxwell Asbo Car In White

What Does Trade Price Mean In GTA Online?

There are two ways to buy cars in GTA Online. First you can buy the car at full cost, which obviously is more expensive.

But some cars also give players the option of a trade price.

The trade price is normally substantially cheaper than the normal car price, which is why so many people will want to get the newest cars at trade price to save on that all-important GTA cash.

How Do You Get Trade Prices In GTA?

Now that you understand what the trade price is in GTA Online, you'll no doubt be wondering how to unlock this trade price.

Well before you have the option to buy at the discounted trade price, you'll need to first complete an objective in order to unlock that cheaper trade price.

To know what the objective is, you'll need to hover over the trade price in the game and it will tell you what to do to unlock it.

That's it. Simple really. However, the objectives are obviously different for certain cars.


How To Get The New Los Santos Tuners Cars At Trade Price?

With the introduction of GTA Online's new update, Los Santos Tuners, a new in-game mechanic was introduced.

Once you've bought a LS Car Meet Membership you can then start earning LS Car Meet Rep (reputation).

Any player attempting to get the trade price for any of the new Tuners cars will see that the objective reads:

"Increase your reputation level with the LS Car Meet to unlock the trade price for this vehicle."

Put simply, players will need to continuously earn more LS Car Meet Rep to unlock the Los Santos Tuner Cars Trade Prices.

For every 5 ranks that you unlock, another random trade price discount will be unlocked.


Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to know what car you could get a discount on. It's pot luck.

How To Earn LS Car Meet Rep?

There's a variety of ways to earn LS Car Meet Rep in the game and none of them are particularly difficult.

The first and easiest way to earn rep is to simply spend time in the LS Car Meet. The longer you spend, the more Rep you accrue. In fact, some fans of the game have even taken to using elastic bands to cheat the game, thereby making their characters walking in circles for hours on end so they don't time out.

If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, you could also take part in Sprints, or driving Test Rides around the Test Track. Finally, you can also take part in some of the games new Street Races.

It all adds up, and will ultimately help you earn that all-important Trade Price.