GTA Prison Break Heist | Payout, How to Start Guide, Set Up Costs And Bonuses

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GTA Online has expanded the Heist feature over the years, with each update adding more complexity to the heist setups, with more challenges and increasing difficulties as seen with the Casino Diamond Heist and Doomsday Heist.

However, one of the more fun and straightforward heists is the Prison Break Heist, that has players jailbreaking in a hectic, yet fun GTA experience.


For newer players, the Prison Break Heist is one of the more rewarding heists, especially when it comes to its attractive bonus awards.

How to start the Prison Break Heist

To start the Prison Break Heist, players need to be level 12 to host a heist. You will also need access to a High-end Apartment, with the cheapest starting at $200,000.

Like with other heists, the host must pay a setup cost to get the Prison Break Heist rolling. It is only a small fee of $40,000, which is nothing when looking at the potential payout and bonuses the heist offers.

For new players, the heist will cost a minimum of $240,000 if they want to start playing the Prison Break Heist. 

For a more detailed guide on GTA heists, we have a more in-depth article on how Heists work in GTA Online.


Prison Break Missions

Once started players will meet the first setup mission, the Plane. It is simple, one player will fly and three others are tasked with operating from the ground. Together you will assault an airfield, with the pilot flying the plane to the destination.

The second mission is about getting a bus. All players need to work together to steal a prison bus. Once when players hijack the bus, they are tasked with losing the cops and drop off the vehicle at the appointed destination.

The third mission involves a police station. One team is tasked with stealing files from a police station while the other team has to board a cargo ship and steal a car.

The fourth mission is about assassinating important people. One team heads to City Hall, with another heading to a mansion. The City Hall team needs to kill two lawyers and steal the briefcase they're carrying.

The mansion team is a stealth mission, where they need to get the target quietly. If they get detected, then it is all guns blazing as they try and chase the target down.

The final mission is the Prison Break attempt. There are four roles, The Prisoner, Prison Officer, Pilot and Demolitionist. The Prisoner and Prison Officer are the ones sneaking in to jailbreak the target out, while the Demolitionist and Pilot are the back-ups and transport.


The final mission is difficult, and involves huge firefights with NOOSE Agents throughout the mission, Getting this job done without death is the real challenge.

How much money do you earn from the Prison Break Heist?

The Prison Break Heist is worth a pretty penny, depending on if the player feels up to the challenge of increased difficulty or attempting bonus challenges. The heist comes with difficulty modifiers, challenge bonuses and other modifiers.

Potential Payouts

This is the potential take-home pay players can earn if they complete The Prison Break Heist per difficulty.

  • Easy Mode - $200,000
  • Normal Mode - $400,000
  • Hard Mode - $500,000

Players can also unlock the Lampadati Casco and Principe Lectro for completing the heist on any difficulty.



Players can earn bonuses once for their character. Players get the bonuses for completing the heist in the correct order, and doing it with the same players the heist started on. The Perspective bonus is about completing the heist using the first-person setting in the heist settings.

  • First Time - $100,000
  • All in Order - $1,000,000
  • Loyalty - $1,000,000
  • Another Perspective - $100,000
  • Criminal Mastermind - $10,000,000