GTA Online: The Contract - How To Unlock Record A Studios

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GTA Online The Contract DLC update Record A Studios building exterior

GTA Online The Contract DLC update brought a ton of new content to the game and focuses on you helping to get back Dr Dre's lost phone. You partner up with Franklin Clinton to get the device back and it's going to be harder than it sounds. There's a new building to find in Los Santos too and we're here to show you how to unlock Record A Studios.

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How To Unlock Record A Studios

Once you have bought an Agency building and unlocked the Dre missions, you need to complete all of the VIP missions to unlock the studios. After you complete these missions you will eventually be invited to tour the studio. Once you have completed the tour of the studio and the ensuing mission, you will be able to visit the building whenever you want.

Where Are Record A Studios?

Once you have unlocked the studios, they should be marked with an "R" on the map in your pause menu. If you're having trouble finding it then head to Bob Mulet in Rockford Hills. Stand outside the shop and look across the road. Opposite you and slightly to the left, you should see the Record A Studios building.

GTA Online Los Santos Map Bob Mulet Location and Record A Studios location indicator
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The studio building is almost directly opposite Bob Mulet.

What Can You Do at Record A Studios?

One of the main things you can find at the studios are the missions that let you play as Franklin and Lamar. These are two-player co-operative missions where you help Lamar with some problems he's been having at LD Organics. If that's not what you want to do, then you can buy clothing, hang around in the recording studio or head to the roof-top bar for a swim.

Record A Studios is one of the many unlocks that came as part of The Contract update for GTA Online. We have a guide that shows you how to get your hands on the new heavy rifle and another on how to get the compact EMP Launcher. If cars are more your speed, take a look at our article that details all of the new cars that have been added.

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