GTA Online: The Contract - How To Complete Payphone Hit Missions

GTA Online The Contract DLC Player at payphone accepting payphone hit mission. Player is wearing grey jeans and a yellow leather jacket with their back to the screen. They have short cropped brown hair.

There are many things you can do once you set up your Agency as part of The Contract update for GTA Online. You can take on security missions, VIP missions to find Dr.Dre's phone and you can even become a highly paid assassin. We're here to show you how to complete payphone hit missions and we explain a bit about what they are.

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How To Complete Payphone Hit Missions

You unlock payphone hit missions after completing a few contracts at the Agency (they can be the Dre missions or just security contracts). You will get a phone call from Franklin and a small notification in the top left corner of your screen will let you know you have unlocked them.

These missions appear as you drive around Los Santos. When you get close to one, a blue phone booth icon will appear on your map and you will hear a phone ringing as you get closer:

GTA Online The Contract Payphone Hit Mission showing on L.S Map with blue phone icon
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Locate the phone and answer it if you want to accept the mission. Franklin will then inform you about the reason for the hit and where you can find them. How you approach an assassination is up to you but there is a bonus for fulfilling the request of your client. For example: When you assassinate the Judge, your client pays extra if you beat them with a Golf Club. You can check what the bonus requirements are while you make your way to the target. To do this, follow the prompted control that should appear in the top left of your screen.

All you need to do once you reach your target is to take them out without dying or being caught by the police. Once the target is down, escape any police following you and leave the area. Once you've made a clean escape, you will be paid for your work.

We recommend using the web browser on your phone to bank your cash right away as each assassination can be worth a lot of money. If you're driving around with the cash in your pocket and another player kills you, they will take your money.

What Are Payphone Hit Missions?

Payphone hits are pretty much the same as the payphone hit missions from the original GTAV storyline that Franklin did for Lester. The big difference is that your character is doing them and Franklin is giving the orders from a client. They are assassinations that you can carry out across Los Santos and often, they pay very well.

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