GTA Online: How To Create Solo Public Lobby

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While Grand Theft Auto 6 is likely to be our next single-player game in the franchise, GTA Online does offer Solo Public Lobbies - but it's not easy.

This is handy if you're looking to avoid griefers, which can be pretty common in Rockstar's world of 'anything goes', and while playing GTA 5 offline is great, you'd be missing out on all of the upgrades the developer has added to its online sandbox.


Here's how to have your cake and eat it with our GTA Online Solo Public Lobby Guide.

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GTA Online Solo Public Lobby: How To Set Up On PC

On PC, join a public lobby, and head into any building or lobby you own.


While you're there, alt-tab out of the GTA window and open Task Manager. Head to the Performance tab, then right-click GTA5.exe and click 'Suspend Process'.

After a few seconds, do the same and select 'Resume Process', and you should be able to walk straight out into your own instance of Los Santos.

GTA Online Solo Public Lobby: How To Set Up On PS4 or Xbox

To take part on Xbox or PS4, you'll need a wired connection - so plug an ethernet cable into your console.

Get into a public lobby, and then into a building you own. Once you're in, unplug the cable, then plug it in again quickly.

Doing so will let you roam the streets of Los Santos on your own.