GTA Online Sasquatch Guide: How To Play As Big Foot, Chop The Dog and More Using Peyote

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GTA Online's Halloween event is back, and that means peyote plants have returned.

These hallucinogenic items can turn your character into Chop the dog, a variety of animals, or the Sasquatch.

Here's how.

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GTA Online: How To Play As The Sasquatch

To turn into the Sasquatch (or Bigfoot, if you prefer), you'll need to track down Peyote Plants.

There are 76 of them scattered throughout GTA Online's map, but there's one specific one you'll want if you want to turn into this furry friend.

You'll want to track down a Peyote Plant near Mount Chiliad.

Here's where to find it, courtesy of Chaotic:

You'll need to consume the plant at a specific time, however, and in specific conditions.

You'll have to wait for foggy weather between 3 am and 8 am to be able to turn into the Sasquatch.

Doing so will give you super strength and health, but you lose the ability to swim, pick up weapons, or go inside buildings – so don't expect to plot any heists in this form.