How Could Rockstar Could Improve GTA Online's User Experience?

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An image of some players in GTA Online.

Given how long it’s been around, surely GTA Online should be fully optimised by this point?

Though, according to some players on Reddit, the game still has a few little kinks that need sorting out in order to make things as intuitive as possible for players still grinding through heists, pulling jobs and unleashing wanton destruction in Los Santos.

A thread on the GTA Online Reddit page, posted by user MainStreet_God, has outlined some of these little nagging issues that Rockstar might want to get on top of.

GTA Online Players Discuss Improving User Experience

To kick things off, MainStreet_God outlined their GTA Online pet peeve, saying: “Personally, I wish they would allow more than 10 CEOs/MCs at a time because now literally everyone has businesses and I’m sick of lobby jumping”.

Some users agreed with this, but others had different priorities, such as kosatkafightclub, who just wants to be able to chow down and be safe more easily, saying: “How about a better way (to) eat snacks and put on armor. It’s super easy in Red Dead. The same company can’t implement the same way to heal?”

User RAFUAE was a little more attack minded, specifying: “Choose the order of weapons. Went to second character so i have the right starting weapons. The hide feature is not enough”. User USMC_0481 added to this idea, saying: “the ability to change aiming shoulder would be awesome”.

Meanwhile, user Darth-H3atran seconded the point about weapon loadouts and added something GTA players have been looking for improvements in for a little while now, saying: “add a functional trailer hitch to more vehicles. would be nice to be able to use something like the Menacer, Patriot Mil-Spec, Everon, or Rhino to tow an AA trailer; or any other non-semi trailer for that matter”.

Some users are after better phone functionality, with user PengisKhan addressing a well-known meme by declaring: “I wish I could block Simeon and English Dave from calling me” and user notsomething13 adding: “Phone filter for hiding useless, unused contacts. Far too many contacts to list that literally do nothing other than bloat your contact list and make finding the actually-useful contacts take longer than it should.”

On the other hand, users like Oneeyedcole just want better ways to shelter themselves from griefing: “A public lobby where pvp is disabled is at the top of my list. Yeah there's ways to make your own ‘private public’ lobby, but we shouldn't have to this far into the game.”

Among the other changes suggested were improvements to immersion, such as user FelineSilver253’s idea that “working headphones so you can listen to music on foot would be nice” and user CoreRipper’s simple request for “commas in the money”.

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