GTA Online Media Stick Locations

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UPDATE - A fifth Media Stick has been located and we've added the details further down.

[Original Story] Earlier today Rockstar Games released the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update.


Whilst this probably can be considered a smaller update when compared to the scale of the Cayo Perico Heist update, it still has plenty of content to keep fans occupied.

New cars, the LS Car Meet, a new auto shop business. There's plenty to do.

But one thing we know about Rockstar, is they like to include hidden collectables across the massive state of San Andreas.

The latest added to the game appears to be Media Sticks. Read on, we'll explain what they are, what they do and how to find them.

GTA Online Media Stick Locations

[Update - We've added a list of confirmed locations further down]


There's a new music player in GTA Online game and when you open it you should get a prompt on the top left of the screen.

The message reads:

"Find and collect media sticks that contain music (EPs, mixtapes, live recordings & more) from locations around Los Santos. Collected sticks can be players on the Media Player and set via the inventory section of the Interaction Menu."

It's now up to players to track down these media sticks. But where are they? And how many do you have to find?

In the past, we've seen players hunting down 54 playing cards. One of the last additions to the game was the broken radio antennas, but there was only 10 of those to find.

Thankfully, we've already tracked down the Media Stick devices for you. Full info is just below.

Confirmed Media Stick Locations

It's now been confirmed that there are 4 5 Media Stick locations to find, which isn't many compared to past collectable missions from recent GTA Online updates, but there we go.


Here's a quick list, then we'll explain more on their locations in detail:

  • Violet - EP - Found in your Nightclub property
  • Black - EP - Found at the LS Car Meet
  • Green - EP - Found in bar of your arcade property
  • Blue EP - Found in your Casino property.

Now, let's try to give you a few more specifics on the locations.

First up is the Violet EP. This is really easy to find as you should be able to collect it from the desk inside your Nightclub office.

Next is the Black EP, which you shouldn't have a problem finding as it can be located by the Mod shop at the LS Car Meet, where every player is likely spending their day following the release of the new dlc.

The third Green EP can be found behind the bar of your chosen Arcade property, whilst the fourth Blue EP will be tucked away on your Casino roof, just next to the hot tub.

Find all four and you'll also unlock an additional bonus mix as well as the Circoloco Tee.


UPDATE - July 21: Players have found a secret 5th media stick which is located in the back of Moodymann’s car. This particular Media Stick will allow you to play Kenny’s Backyard Boogie on the media player.

The only problem is that the car spawns randomly in the LS Car Meet, so you may need to visit the new social space a couple of times before you can actually claim it.

Upon finding the first EP you should also get a new message which reads:

You have unlocked a new music mix. Enter a vehicle and select the media player from the radio wheel to listen to this mix now. Additional mixes can be set via the inventory section of the interaction menu.
Find and collect all four EPs from CircoLoco Records to unlock an additional bonus mix - the CLR launch party by Seth Troxler.

Good luck!


Stay tuned for further GTA Online Los Santos Tuners updates all week.