GTA Online Imani Tech: Which Cars Can Use It?

GTA Online Orange Dewbauchee Champion Vehicle

GTA Online Orange Dewbauchee Champion Vehicle

GTA Online lets you create your own character to live in, work in, and break the rules of Los Santos. You can choose to own a legitimate business like a Nightclub as a front for darker businesses taking place in your basement. You can become a VIP, CEO, or Motorcycle Club president. Alternatively, you can simply live the life of a rogue in the city. How you want to live your life in Los Santos is completely down to you.

The game has also received numerous DLCs, with one of the most recent ones being The Contract. This one brings back Franklin, one of the main (and iconic) trio from the original story of Grand Theft Auto 5. Franklin has now got his own business helping celebrities with their "delicate" problems. If you choose to purchase an Agency, you'll become his business partner and unlock a whole host of new missions, including helping Dr Dre get back his stolen phone. Imani is an expert hacker that works with Franklin at the Agency and she's now got a perk for you called "Imani Tech".

In this guide, we break down what Imani Tech is, and what cars can use it.

What Is Imani Tech?

Imani Tech is a set of vehicle enhancements that you can get if you own an Agency with a Vehicle Workshop attached to it. The Agency itself is quite a lot of money, so you can choose to add the Workshop at a later time. However, you will need both to access Imani Tech. The enhancements you can get are:

  • A Remote Control Unit: This lets you control your car remotely. It's great as a distraction device or for getting your car out of a sticky situation without getting shot.
  • Missile Lock-On Jammer: Life in Los Santos is never calm for long and missiles seem to be readily available everywhere. This upgrade stops other players from locking onto your vehicle with any missile-based weapon.
  • Out of Sight Service: When you're out and about exploring Los Santos, you can call Imani to request this service. It's essentially a temporary cloaking device. You're hidden from any enemy radar if they're close to you.
GTA Online Enus Jubilee Vehicle
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What Cars Can Use Imani Tech?

Here are all of the cars that can use Imani Tech and they are all vehicles that were added as part of The Contract update.

  • Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec
  • Enus Jubilee
  • Enus Deity
  • Bravado Buffalo STX
  • Dewbauchee Champion

We will update this section if any other cars become eligible for Imani Tech.

How to Access Imani Tech

To access Imani Tech, you'll need an Agency with a Vehicle Workshop, and one of the cars that are eligible for the upgrades. Once you do, head down to your Vehicle Workshop at the base of your Agency. You can enter it directly from the outside or use the elevator in the Agency building. When you're in it, get into the car that you want to upgrade. A small bar should appear in the top lefthand corner of your screen that's prompting you to "enter Vehicle Workshop". Use the prompted control to enter the workshop.

Once you are in the workshop itself, there will be a small menu on the lefthand side of your screen. There are multiple options to upgrade your car with, but keep scrolling down until you see "Imani Tech". Click on it and you'll be given the option to upgrade the vehicle but you can only have one piece of Imani Tech equipped at a time. Here's how much each upgrade costs:

  • Missile Lock-On Jammer - $400,000
  • Remote Control Unit - $235,000

Having these upgrades added to your favourite car in GTA Online can help you survive the perils of taking on Security Contracts. We have plenty of guides that can help you through The Contract Missions. Check out our guide that shows you how to complete Payphone Hits, they're optional but rewarding assassination missions that come with the DLC. Having an Agency comes with many perks, take a look at our guide that shows you how to access Agency Services to learn more.

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