GTA Online: How To Unlock The Yacht Captain Outfit

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This big summer update has now been released and it will surely tide us over to GTA 6, which is likely a little way off yet with GTA 5 confirmed to release once again on Xbox Series and PS5.

Another mechanic that got updated was for owners of the Galaxy Super Yachts.

Now, players can partake in more missions and even unlock a pretty cool outfit.


Here's how!



The outfit itself is one of the coolest we have seen in quite some time. As you could imagine, it is a ship captain outfit! 

With the recent additions of new missions aboard the Galaxy Super Yacht. you are right in assuming that you will need to complete all the missions in order to unlock this outfit. 

Once you do so you should have access to this outfit.

Best of luck!

Here's an awesome YouTube video about the outfit from Gtamen.