GTA Online: How To ‘Cheese’ The USS Luxington Business Battle — Get Aboard The Easy Way

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If you’ve attempted to take on the USS Luxington in GTA Online’s new Business Battles, you’ve probably struggled, at least on occasion.

As reported by Dexerto, however, there’s an easier way to begin the mission that involves — well, fewer deaths.

The USS Luxington Business Battle

This is the Business Battle that takes place offshore in the southeast corner of Los Santos. It should reward you and your associates at least $10,000 upon completion.

“Trek out to sea and stage a cooperative assault on an idling aircraft carrier before duking it out for the goods, or fight and hack your way through one of several factories to reach the nucleus and earn a hefty pay-day,” the Summer Special announcement explains.

“Bring your squad to maximize your return on investment.”

Board The Aircraft Carrier The Easy Way

Here’s the method Dexerto outlines: “Make sure you have a parachute and mission-ready weapons equipped; check in your inventory if you’re not sure. From there, hop into the nearest plane you can find.”

Head southeast of Port Est de Los Santos and then, once you’ve reached the USS Luxington: “Reach the highest [possible] altitude and then jump out, free-falling. Pull your parachute very low to the ground, hop onto the vessel, and the mission begins.”

This will bypass the entire first phase of the job, which typically involves a lot of resistance from the U.S. Navy.

It’s as simple as that: pull your chute at the last second.

If done correctly, this trick ought to save you a few headaches.

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