GTA Online: How To Change Gender

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GTA Online has proven to be an incredibly fun time for players everywhere, giving them the chance to rob banks, race with other players, and so much more, with updates that have made this game better as the years have gone by, especially with the recent Cayo Perico Heist expansion that has added even more improvements and content to the game.

However, like many online games that require players to create their avatars, there’s currently no way to change the gender of your character in GTA Online once you’ve chosen either a man or a woman unless you plan on creating multiple characters but if you want to change your gender while keeping the same achievements while losing other rewards, there is a glitch that can help.

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GTA Online: How To Change Gender

Firstly, make sure to have two GTA Online characters, one whose gender you don’t want to change and one you do.

Now, load GTA Online, make sure your money is in your account then disconnect from the internet, which will take you back to the GTA 5 single-player campaign.

Make sure you spawn as Michael so that the glitch will work.

Reconnect your internet and pick the ‘select character,’ choose the avatar whose gender you want to change, then, if the glitch is working, the game will ask if you want to change your appearance.

Once you’ve decided to change your GTA Online character’s look, highlight the Crew Emblem, pick ‘return to menu’, and quickly keep pressing the randomizer so that the character’s look will keep changing before being a different gender.

When you have your preferred GTA Online character’s gender, update his or her looks and booyah, your character’s gender has changed.


It’s tricky and there’s a good chance that Rockstar Games will update GTA Online to make this impossible so do it while you can.

GTA 5, which comes with GTA Online, is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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