GTA Online: Glitch Is Affecting The Payout Of The Diamond Casino Heist

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GTA Online is filled with unique and interesting ways of making money.

Despite this, it's GTA's heists that offer players the biggest payouts.

From robbing banks to breaking someone out of prison, the heists are varied and interesting to complete.


Out of all the heists, the Diamond Casino heist is one of the most lucrative moneymakers in the game.

However, a bug is causing players to receive little or nothing at the end of the heist.

Casino Heist Bug

Reports of the bug first started at the beginning of September.

Players noticed that they were receiving little or nothing after completing a Casino heist.

On top of this, the difficulty of the heist would often change midway through the mission.

Courtesy of Rockstar Games


Reddit user HolgerTM reported their experience with the bug.

After pulling in over $2 million from the heist.

They received a measly $2000 for their trouble.

It's important to note this isn't happening to every single player.

However, according to sources when it does occur the finale screen will also bug.

Instead of showing a celebratory screen for completing the heist, a normal mission breakdown screen will be shown.

This is a frustrating and serious glitch.

Let's hope Rockstar patch up the problem and allow players to receive the correct amount of money for their work.

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