GTA Online Freemode Event Guide: What Is It, How To Start, and Payout

It's no wonder Grand Theft Auto 6 is so far away with the way Rockstar continues to support GTA Online - a game that launched in 2013.

If you've spotted Freemode events getting increased payouts on the weekly update and have wondered what exactly they are, then we've got a full rundown below.

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What Is A Freemode Event In GTA Online?

Freemode events are dynamic competitions that will appear for players cruising the streets of Los Santos, and there are plenty to choose from. Here are the ones we know of so far:

  • Air Checkpoints
  • Business Battles
  • Checkpoints
  • Criminal Damage
  • Hold the Wheel
  • Hot Property
  • Hunt the Beast
  • Kill List
  • King of the Castle
  • Penned In
  • Time Trials

There are also Freemode Challenges, which are shorter events that have randomised objectives.

Freemode Events will offer cash and RP as a reward, and the better you do, the more you'll earn.

How To Start A Freemode Event In GTA Online

Freemode events can only begin if there are between four and ten players in your lobby. Some events require at least four participants, while others will require more. If the player count drops to below the required number, the event is cancelled.

How Often Do Freemode Events Happen?

Events kick off every 12 minutes in-game, at the following intervals: 00:00, 12:00, and 18:00.

Players will receive a message, prompting them to jump in - or if they're in passive mode, warning them they can't join.

How To Turn Off Freemode Events In GTA Online

If you're not fussed by these events, then Rockstar has given players the option to 'opt out'. As per the developer's support page:

If you’d like to turn off Freemode Event notifications, you can choose to hide it using the Interaction Menu. Select the “Hide Options” feature, then choose “Events”. In this menu, you can choose to hide all Events, or just those you’d rather not see. You can always unhide Events in the same menu.

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