GTA Online: How To Avoid Los Santos Customs Daily Sell Limit

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GTA Online allows players to live out their criminal fantasies, so it's perhaps no surprise that players have managed to bend the rules somewhat.

Los Santos Customs, a place where players can sell their ill-gotten sets of wheels, is a great place to make a quick buck, but there's a daily selling limit - or is there?


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GTA Online: How To Avoid Los Santos Customs Daily Sell Limit

Usually, you'll need to wait an in-game day to be able to sell another vehicle, preventing players from just racing up millions with any old bangers. Thankfully, Reddit user u/Tego31DaGreat has a way to circumnavigate this minor inconvenience.

Here's how to do it.

  1. Ok, this step is pretty obvious, but you'll want to sell a car to any of the game's Los Santos Customs shops.
  2. Next, look for a new online session. This will reset the game state.
  3. Sell another car at a different location, then rinse and repeat.

You'll need to sell the cars at alternate locations, but using this you'll be able to at least shift three stolen cars instead of just one!

Users have reported that this works on PS4 and Xbox One, but we have no idea if it works on PC. We'd recommend giving it a whirl anyway - before Rockstar patches it out, of course.