GTA Online: Can I Transfer My Character To Another Console?

As we approach 8 years of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar's juggernaut keeps going from strength to strength. Largely, that comes down to GTA Online, V's online component which has seen continuous updates that show no signs of slowing down.

While recent years has shown greater emphasis on cross-platform progression, you might be wondering if its possible to transfer your GTA Online character onto another console. Here's everything you need to know about that.

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GTA Online: Can I Transfer My Character To Another Console?

Unfortunately, it's not currently possible in GTA Online to transfer characters to another console. Despite support ending soon for Xbox 360 and PS3 editions of GTA Online, Rockstar hasn't opened up a way to transfer characters again.

GTA Online: Could I Transfer My Character Previously?

Yes, back in 2014. Rockstar initially allowed you to perform character transfers, though this was removed in March 2017. As for why, that's probably due to hackers on PS3 and Xbox 360. Previously, players could mod accounts on the older consoles, then transfer onto PS4 or Xbox One. As a result, Rockstar likely removed support for this reason.

GTA Online: Will PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Support Character Transfer?

Right now, that's unclear if new-generation consoles will have character transfer for Expanded and Enhanced, but dataminers seem to believe so. Files were discovered called ""CHasCharacterToTransferDecisionPage" (as reported by GTABase), so it seems likely, but currently we've had no official confirmation from Rockstar.

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