GTA Online: Best missions for making easy money

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If you’re playing solo or with just one other person, the best way to casually grind for lots of money in GTA Online is by using your time efficiently on relatively short, repeatable jobs that pay well.

Make money fast in GTA Online

Investing in warehouses, hangars, and other CEO and VIP content will pay off well in this regard. From either your Nightclub Warehouse or office, coordinate your cooldowns for various high-earning jobs so that you alternate between two or three different missions, rinse, and repeat.

If you’ve got a vehicle warehouse, you might sell off a top-range supercar to a specialist dealer for a $100,000 commission, as detailed in the video embedded above.


Swap between moving crates, cars, or smuggled goods (if you’ve got a hangar) across the maps and fast, simple VIP jobs that you can do while your big-business mission is on a 20-minute (or so) cooldown timer.

NPCs like Gerald, Lamar, and Ron offer a variety of different missions, too, if you’re looking for a classic GTA experience that’ll earn you a quick 20 grand.

The main thing is to reduce friction, get in a groove doing missions you like, and stay busy over the course of a few hours. Before you know it, you’ll be a whole lot richer. And if you get bored with some of the standard methods above, hit up Arena War or the racetracks.

There’s always something to do in GTA Online; if you find yourself unable to choose, navigate to the “Online” tab in the menu, select “Jobs,” and choose “Play random job.” Works like a charm.

You’ll never get bored, and you’ll earn money for sure.

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The Cayo Perico heist


“On Tuesday, December 15, GTA Online raises the stakes once again with its biggest update yet: the Cayo Perico Heist, featuring an all-new exotic location and a brand-new approach to heist design that for the first time will let players tackle the entire heist solo or with a crew of up to three other players,” Rockstar said in an email.

“Along with the challenge of finding a way to infiltrate and rob one of the most secure private islands in the world, players can also expect new social spaces to party with friends, new world-class DJs, and radio stations with over 100 new songs, plus a host of vehicles and weapons, a heavily armed submarine HQ, and much more.”

A standalone release of GTA Online is expected to launch in 2021, along with new versions of GTA 5 optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.