GTA Online: How to Beat Trackify Missions Really Quickly

Whether you’re grinding for cash and rewards in GTA Online, or just playing through GTA V’s story mode again, here’s a quick tip that’ll probably save you some time.

This comes courtesy of OohItzMario at r/GTAOnline (via Dexerto).

Finish Trackify Missions Really Quickly

“During your ‘tracker’ crate missions, the van is always the last tracker/dot to show up,” OohItzMario says. “Hope this helps.”

“If three dots pop up on the tracker,” according to Dexerto, “the one that appears last is guaranteed to have what you’re looking for inside. If not, and four pop up, one will eventually turn green — and that is the one you’re looking for in that case.”

The Trackify App in GTA Online

The Trackify app is part of GTA Online’s in-game phone, and appears during a number of activities throughout the game, including story mode.

If you’re playing a lot of GTA Online, this is primarily useful for “special cargo” missions, where you’re looking for one of several possible targets to steal or photograph.

You’ll be told to use the Trackify app on your in-game phone, and several red dots will appear on a smaller screen.

Other instances of the Trackify app in GTA V include the Pacific Standard heist’s first setup mission and several story-mode missions: “The Merryweather Heist,” “Fresh Meat,” “Scuba Diving,” and “Nuclear Waste.”

You’ll probably notice some slight differences between the Trackify app in story mode and GTA Online.

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