Will GTA 6 Have A Zombies Mode?

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Zombies have been an integral part of gaming for quite some time now; who doesn't love gunning down a horde of zombies with your friends?

GTA 6 is on the horizon and some fans are wanting more than just the regular multiplayer experience.

Why not implement a COD style zombies mode over to GTA 6, so we can play with our friends throughout the city! Let's explore the possibilities of this happening!

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Chances Of It Happening? 

It is rare for Rockstar Games to stray away from their usual singleplayer, multiplayer format. So we do not think they are going to have a stand-alone zombies mode in GTA 6.

However, this does not mean you won't be able to play zombies! There is a way and we'll go over how some players are experiencing zombies in GTA 5 still!

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GTA 5 on PC is still one of the best selling PC games of all time, not only due to it being GTA, but unlike console, players can add mods to their game.

Allowing them to do all kinds of crazy antics, one of the most played mods is zombies!

Found at this link, players can download it if they have GTA 5 on PC and try it out with their friends. Modders will be in full force once GTA 6 releases, so we are certain this mod will carry over!

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