GTA 6 Trailer To Potentially Be Revealed Soon According To New Rockstar Job Listing

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The rumours surrounding GTA 6 are growing even stronger with the arrival of next-generation of consoles.

So many fans around the world are dying to see what's next for Grand Theft Auto - are we staying in the US or heading to London?


GTA 5 Online is keeping us more than occupied, for now, as it re-releases for the third time; but there is no doubt players are longing for the next instalment.

Like many of you, we are also hoping some news is finally going to be revealed for the long awaited game.

Now, a new job listing by Rockstar Games is potentially warning us that we may see the first trailer for GTA 6 very soon!

Here's what we know. 




Over on the Rockstar Games careers page, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a new listing for the role titled CINEMATIC GAMEPLAY CAPTURE ARTIST.

This listing can be viewed here, but below is a quick rundown of the job: 


Rockstar Games is seeking a Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist to assist on a range of projects.

This role is responsible for shooting in-game footage for use in online and TV campaigns. Our process involves using internal video capture tools to shoot both cinematic and gameplay footage in a virtual 3D game environment.

The successful candidate will love video games, demonstrate the ability to capture cinematic moments in-game, and work well both independently and directed closely within a team.


  • Identify and capture cinematic content from within a game, creating imagery which demonstrates the game’s aesthetics and technical assets.
  • Rapidly master games in development.
  • Utilize debug functions as well new and evolving in-game tools to create footage.
  • Work with varying levels of supervision and creative direction, ranging from complete autonomy to working with a director to capture specific requests.
  • Work at a fast pace on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Problem-solve to achieve the best possible results while working within the confines of unfinished technology.
  • Collaborate with other capture artists to deliver footage.

So, this appears to be a role fitted for capturing amazing footage to showcase in gameplay reveals or trailers.

With Rockstar not currently releasing any games this year, besides another iteration of GTA V. We can assume this role is fitted for GTA 6!


For now, we will have to wait and see if this pans out to be true, hopefully it does!