GTA 6: Trailer News Debunked After Possible Tease In The Weeknd Video

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Eagle-eyed GTA fans spotted what appeared to be a hint at a trailer for the long-anticipated GTA 6 in The Weeknd's Blinding Lights video.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be - and the rumour was debunked by Rockstar insider @Yan2295.


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GTA 6 Trailer Hint Debunked

Check out the Tweet below.

Before people go too crazy over this… Yes it does say "GTA 6 trailer" at 0:56 in this video from @theweeknd, but this, just like all the other messages in the video, are comments from viewers who watched the "show" live on TikTok.
— Yan2295 (@Yan2295)
September 15, 2020

As stated, the image at 56-seconds definitely says "GTA 6 Trailer", but these are comments taken from the "live" show in which the song was performed on TikTok.


So no, The Weeknd likely doesn't know any more about GTA 6 than we do.

Still, it's nice to know that just arranging the letters "G", "T" and "A" in order is enough to set tongues wagging.

Considering the undoubted toll that Red Dead Redemption 2's development took on Rockstar's multiple studios, there's every chance GTA 6 won't arrive until well into the next console generation.

GTA 6 may be a while away (find out why here), but GTA Online is the gift that just keeps on giving. 


The recent Summer Update added some new content, but we also know a new destination is arriving later this year, too. 

We also know that the game will be coming to both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with new improvements. Find out all we know here.

Finally, as we approach October, all eyes will be on the game's Halloween events. Find out what to expect here