GTA 6 Demanded By Man On Live TV After Invading A Games Show

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8 years since its initial release, GTA V continues to reign supreme. Having undergone a gigantic summer expansion in Los Santos Tuners, a next-gen release is due to launch this fall.

But it seems like some people are annoyed with the time Rockstar is consuming to develop Grand Theft Auto 6, including one man who voiced his frustrations on live television.

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GTA 6 Demanded By Man On Live TV After Invading A Games Show

A GTA fan invaded a German game show called Schlag en Star (Beat the Star) and for some reason, called Rockstar out on GTA 6.

'Taser' stormed the stage and confronted host, Alexander 'Elton' Duszat as he asked about the whereabouts of the sixth episode:

I wish you a beautiful day, my name is Taser. What I want to know is where the hell is GTA 6? I have been waiting eight years for GTA 6!

The strange incident can be viewed below:


GTA 6 continues to remain a long-lost relic in similar vein as Elder Scrolls 6, with news and rumours on Rockstar's next adventure storming the internet regularly.

One of which insists that the next episode would be set in a modern-day Vice City, with an ever-evolving map. Elsewhere, a voice actor recently announced that he'd be portraying a police officer in the famed franchise, prompting GTA 6 speculation.

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