GTA 6 Budget: Could Grand Theft Auto 6 Be The Most Expensive Video Game Development In History?

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GTA 6 hasn't been announced yet,despite this, there never seems to be a shortage of things to talk about.

While we're 99% sure that the next chapter in the franchise is currently in development, players may be curious to know what the new Grand Theft Auto costs to make.


So what is the budget for GTA 6?

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GTA 6 Budget

GTA 6 could be one of the most expensive video games in history - that comes as no surprise as the game's franchise is simply gold dust.


Although GTA 5's launch wasn't as smooth as it could have been, it certainly bounced back quickly and has thrived with age.

The $291million budget game found itself release in an awkward period as consoles transition from the past generation (PS3 and Xbox 360) to the current generation (PS4 and Xbox One).


Not to mention that it took a month for GTA Online to arrive, which was a big selling point for many gamers and the then next generation of consoles didn't receive the game for another year; PC players then had to wait even longer.


It looks like Rockstar Games are taking the right approach this time and are waiting for consoles to transition before dropping GTA 6. Not to mention the fact that they can take full advantage of the amazing hardware the next-generation has to offer, such as the SSD functionality.

GTA 6 is rumoured to hit $500million - given the outragous success of GTA 5, this isn't a surprise and would put it on par with the rumoured budget Microsoft have allocated for Halo Infinite.