GTA 6 BETA: Release Date, Download, How To Be A Tester On Xbox One, PS4 And PC

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GTA 6 is the talk of the town at present and while we wait for official news of a release date, players are wondering if there is an internal beta test going on.

Could players be playing the alpha or beta for GTA 6 already?


Here's what we know.

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When Is The GTA 6 Beta?

At the moment, there are is no official demo, beta or alpha available to anyone.


That's due to the fact that the game has yet to be announced, meaning those that are playing it will be internal developers.

Considering an announcement isn't looking likely any time soon if a beta does go, we're predicting that it won't go ahead until 2021.


How To Become a GTA 6 Beta Tester

Without an idea of whether there is a beta, it's hard to say.


The most likely option is that Rockstar Games will advertise job position for internal playtesters of their game.

Is There A GTA 6 Demo?

It's unlikely a demo will be released in the build-up to GTA 6 - Rockstar tend to keep their cards close to their chest and rarely offer up a demo to try before you buy.