GTA 4 Complete Edition PS5 Release Date, Leaks, Price, Content and Everything We Know

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GTA 4 is many players’ favourite in the series, and they are sure to be excited that their game may be getting a remaster!

And for those eagerly awaiting GTA 6, this game could tie you over until that one releases in the future.

Until then let’s breakdown everything we know about GTA 4 so far!


GTA 4 Complete Edition was accidentally leaked on Amazon.

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(Source: NeoGaf)

This one feels legit, given not only the box art but the weirdness of the leak.

No one really expected a GTA 4 remake, and it isn’t anywhere near the typical time of year for an announcement, so we don’t suspect this being one of those retailer speculations to get a store page ready in case of an announcement.

Release Date

The date on the Amazon Webpage was April 29, 2021. 

This very possibly could be a placeholder, as April marks the start of the financial year for many companies, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

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(Source: Rockstar)


The game is listed for $39.99.

This price again could be a placeholder, but we’re not convinced the final one will be much different. 

$39.99 makes sense for a remake, let’s hope GTA 4 doesn’t get a price increase before launch!


GTA 4 Complete Edition will contain all of the game’s content, as well as the Episodes From Liberty City DLC.

All the content will also be running in 4K alongside other enhancements, like haptic feedback on the PS5.

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(Source: Rockstar)


Currently GTA 4 Complete Edition is only known to be coming out on PS5.

An Xbox Series X release would also be expected, and hopefully, the game will come to Xbox One and PS4 consoles too.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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