GTA 6 Map: Reddit User 'Finds' New Paradise Island Map In GTA 5 Strip Club

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As GTA Online's community continues to thrive, the interest in Grand Theft Auto's future seems to be growing.

It's an exciting time for GTA players as the game is set to land on the next-generation of consoles - the PS5 and Xbox Series X.


But what's even more exciting is the recent uptake in GTA 6 leaks and news.

A Reddit user believes they've found evidence of what's coming in GTA 6's map...from a GTA 5 strip club.

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GTA 6 Map Found In GTA 5 Strip Club?

Earlier this month, a fake-looking map appeared on Reddit of what was a GTA 6 map.


While nothing has been officially said about it, a games developer has deemed the image as fake.

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Fans believed it was legit because it matched up rather well to leaks from a few years ago.

While we thought that was put to rest, a Reddit user may have found some legs for the theory to stand on.


MrBurpAlot has been visiting the Los Santos strip clubs in GTA 5 (for research purposes of course) and has noticed some suspicious postcards on the wall in the changing rooms.

These postcards refer to a location called 'Paradise Isle', which has yet to appear in a GTA game.

PARADISE: Is this the new GTA 6 Map?


Photo via u/MrBurpAlot

The Reddit user believes the postcards and map match up - but it's a bit of a stretch if you ask us.

This new finding has split the Reddit thread, some claiming its a strong find and others believing its too farfetched to have added an Easter Egg that's over 7 years old.

In recent months, the news has gone a bit stale with little to talk about, but recent "leaks" and theories have reignited interest again.


That or some fans are getting a bit stir crazy and want GTA 6 to exist so bad they're making their own theories up.