GTA Online Players Unleash Car Tetris Mayhem

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An image of car Tetris in GTA Online.
Credit: Nielsvluit_03 on Reddit.

Players are constantly finding quirky new ways to have fun in GTA Online, but some players on Reddit have come up with one of the most zany ideas yet.

The concept was simple. Take Benny’s Original Motor Works, the car customisation garage added all the way back in 2015 as part of the lowriders update, and see how many cars you can fit inside of its walls at once.

One of the two players involved, user Nielsvluit_03 shared the results of their little experiment in a thread on the GTA Online Reddit page, but unfortunately for those looking for a concrete number of cars to beat in their own attempt, the players lost count at about 50.

GTA Online Players Try Car Tetris

“It took us more than an hour and lets say, we could fit more than we expected”, said Nielsvluit_03 in the post.

Naturally, fellow GTA players were impressed by the feat, with user bvo1127 saying: “Love seeing people having fun in GTA” and Avanikki asking: “Am I the only one that would find it hard to resist dropping a grenade in the middle of it all?”

In response to one user asking how the pair had managed to stop the cars from despawning, Nielsvluit_03 revealed that one player had to remain inside Benny’s for the duration of the attempt, both so that there was always a player near enough to the cars and to stop the garage door from closing.


Despite the lack of a concrete final number of cars trapped inside Benny’s at the experiment’s climax, it did have a satisfying conclusion, as shown by the video attached to Nielsvluit_03’s follow up post:

This explosive ending came after the pair had given up due to a bunch of cars suddenly despawning.

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