Albany Lurcher Review: Is The Halloween Car Worth Buying?

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Halloween is the creepiest month of the year and we’re only a few months away from it, which means that GTA Online’s next Halloween event will be on the way soon, so fans that want to partake in the event and get some exclusive vehicles are pumped up.

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Naturally, GTA Online players will want the Halloween-themed vehicles that will be part of the event, because they always want the limited edition cars, and the Albany Lurcher is no exception.

How To Get The Albany Lurcher In GTA Online

So, for anyone interested, here’s our breakdown of the Albany Lurcher that will be made available later this year during the games Halloween event and also, if it will be worth getting.


Albany Lurcher Review

The Albany Lurcher was released on October 29, 2015, as part of the first GTA Online Halloween event.

Currently, GTABase has rated it a 60.66, which can be rounded off to 61 if you’re feeling charitable.

Where Can I Buy The Albany Lurcher?

GTA Online players can only get the Albany Lurcher during the Halloween event, so they will have to wait till October to get it.

Once October hits, fans can get the Albany Lurcher from the Southern S.A. Super Autos store.

Albany Lurcher Price

Here’s how much you can buy the Albany Lurcher and the amount players get when you decide to sell it.


Purchase Price

You can get the Albany Lurcher for $650,000 so if you’re a hardcore GTA Online fan, this shouldn’t break the bank.

Trade Price

The Trade price in GTA Online allows players to buy a car for much cheaper than its normal cost, but you have to complete an objective first.

Anyone who wants to buy the Albany Lurcher at trade price will only have to pay $390,000.

What Is The Albany Lurcher In Real Life?

Rockstar Games based the Albany Lurcher on the Buccaneer 1967 Cadillac Funeral Coach.


What Is The Top Speed of The Albany Lurcher?

According to the game files, the Albany Lurcher’s top speed is supposedly 90.72 mph (146.00 km/h) while the actual in-game speed is 114.25 mph (183.87 km/h).

Albany Lurcher Customization Options

Players can customize the vehicle in Los Santos Customs.

Is The Albany Lurcher Worth It?

Only for GTA Online players who are planning to collect every car in the game. Everyone else can skip it, though it looks cool and doesn’t cost too much money.