Albany Fränken Stange Review: Is The Halloween Car Worth Buying?

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We’re more than halfway through 2021 and that means we’re a little bit closer to Halloween, which means that fans are already gearing up for GTA Online and its yearly Halloween Surprise event.

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Players of GTA Online have come to love Halloween Surprise, not just because of the cool factor that comes from Halloween but also the exclusive vehicles that come with the event, like the Albany Fränken Stange.


How To Get The Albany Fränken Stange In GTA Online

Considering the number of vehicles already in GTA Online and how fans like to collect them, you can imagine how psyched they might be to get the Albany Fränken Stange, especially if they didn’t get one before.

So, without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the Albany Fränken Stange and if it’s worth getting during the Halloween Surprise event in GTA Online.

Albany Fränken Stange Review

The Albany Fränken Stange was the first exclusive vehicle for a GTA Online Halloween event, coming out way back on October 29, 2015.

GTABase currently rates it at a 59.58, which can arguably be a 60 if you know your math.

Where Can I Buy The Albany Fränken Stange?

Players will have to wait for GTA Online’s Halloween Surprise event if they want to purchase the Albany Fränken Stange.


Once it’s time, players will be able to get the Albany Fränken Stange in Southern S.A. Super Autos.

Albany Fränken Stange Price

Here’s how much it costs to buy an Albany Fränken Stange and the amount you get when trading it in.

Purchase Price

You can buy the Albany Fränken Stange in GTA Online for $550,000 so you won’t be breaking the bank for this if you’re a veteran GTA player.

Trade Price

The Trade price in GTA Online allows players to buy a car for much cheaper than its normal cost, but you have to complete an objective first.


Anyone who wants to buy the Albany Lurcher at trade price will only have to pay $330,000.

What Car Is The Albany Fränken Stange Based On?

This sick-looking Halloween car is based on a Roosevelt, 1928 Cadillac 341A Town Sedan.

What Is The Top Speed Of The Albany Fränken Stange?

Game files say that the Albany Fränken Stange can reach 83.89 mph (135.00 km/h), while the in-game speed can actually reach 106.50 mph (171.39 km/h).

Albany Fränken Stange Customization Options

Players will be able to modify the Albany Fränken Stange at Los Santos Customs.


Is The Albany Fränken Stange Worth It?

For the sake of players who want to complete vehicles in GTA Online, yes. Everyone else who cares about car stats and performance are better off skipping this vehicle.