Is Gotham Knights Coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

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Image of Red Hood and Nightwing preparing for battle in Gotham Knights.

Are you ready to step into the shoes of Nightwing, Batgirl, and co.? The co-op action brawler Gotham Knights is the latest game based on DC Comics, but questions are swirling around its platforms upon release. As such, we've got the definitive answer to a burning question: will Gotham Knights be on PS4 and Xbox One?

In this Gotham Knights guide, we'll go through whether the co-op action title will arrive on previous-generation consoles, or if it's a purely next-gen affair. That's on top of looking at the previous history around the game's platforms, to see if there's been any major change. Spoiler alert - there has!

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Is Gotham Knights Coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

Bad news if you're still playing on previous-gen hardware: Gotham Knights will not release on PS4 and Xbox One. When it releases in October 2022, it'll be on next-gen consoles and PC only.

Yes, in a recent gameplay preview shared by WB Games, there was confirmation that previous-gen consoles wouldn't get a version of the game. This came as a massive surprise because upon its 2020 announcement, Gotham Knights was also listed as a PS4 and Xbox One release.

As such, it seems that WB Games Montreal has covertly canned older hardware from its release strategy. There wasn't a specific reason given for the change, aside from saying that it will "provide players with the best possible gameplay experience," if you have the new consoles of course.

If we had to guess, it seems like previous-gen builds of Gotham Knights would potentially hold back PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions. However, this is the first major case of a triple-A game cancelling previous-gen versions. You can probably expect it to become a more common occurrence in the future as well.


Therefore, it's inevitably a bitter pill to swallow if you're a PS4 or Xbox One owner who was excited to play Gotham Knights. Considering the other major DC release, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, is also next-gen only, it could be the end for superheroic escapades on previous generation consoles.

That's it for our look at the removal of Gotham Knights from the PS4 and Xbox One calendar. To curb your disappointment somewhat, feel free to redeem the latest Dead By Daylight codes for some asymmetrical horror fun. That might help to take your mind off the bad news!