Gotham Knights Writer Is Experienced With Multiple Top Tier Studios

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In Gotham Knights, there is a writer with a brilliant career who has been lucky and incredible to date. Mitch Dyer, a writer for Gotham Knights, has a resume that would make anyone jealous. Mitch did not start from lower-tier places; he shot straight to the top.

Mitch started his career working for IGN, that's right, started. It's one of the world's most prominent outlets, and working for them is impressive enough without doing everything else Mitch did. He wasn't satisfied with just enough, so Mitch worked his way up to the big studios as he pursued his dream to make a game like Gotham Knights eventually.


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Gotham Knights Writer Was Part Of Huge Projects

Recently, Mitch Dyer was interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal (Vegas Strong!) Mitch Dyer began his career as a video game journalist for IGN, a path few have taken to become a video game industry contributor. About his time at IGN, Mitch Dyer said:

"I love writing about games, I love thinking about games and I love overthinking about games. I was doing anything I could to just write about games… I got very lucky in that I got to go to the biggest place first. It felt like this is the culmination of everything I wanted to do."

Despite this, Mitch Dyer was not satisfied with his current position. He wanted to do more and be a more significant part of the industry he loved so much. His explanation went like this:

"After all this time talking to creatives about the process of making games, it gave me a very false sense of I know how games are made and it seems really interesting, I was inundated with information about the kinds of people who make games and the kinds of stuff that excites the people who make these games and a lot of it was stuff I connected with."

Then, like he got a highly sought out position with IGN, he did the same with Star Wars Battlefront 2. How can I contact this guy's agent, and will he accept me as well? The following is a detailed explanation of how Mitch joined Star Wars Battlefront 2:

"I got an interview at Motive and they decided what we should do is roll the dice on this guy who has never done this before and give him the biggest IP in the world. The responsibility of Motive is to build with DICE the first canonical triple A Star Wars story in a game in the new Disney timeline, that's a big responsibility that we took seriously."

At last, Mitch decided he needed something even more significant, and it came in the form of the Gotham Knights. Mitch Dyer jumped into the DC Universe. Mitch Dyer went from big studio to big studio to work on Gotham Knights. He explains it like this:

"I was attracted to the project because I was a fan of it . The idea of playing four different characters in an open world in a setting where Bruce Wayne has died, that is extremely compelling to me… Shifting the focus to be about these characters in the aftermath of this pivotal death that is important to all of them, the framework of this story is unique, having this very fresh, unique take on the DC Universe makes it approachable and engaging in a way that is instantly gratifying to me.. I'm excited to hopefully define and build IP, I want to be part of a team that is going to take an IP and give it a little meat and substance and build it into something that is more of its own."

As a storyteller, Mitch Dyer relies on instinct. While he has the life many of us desire, he never let his ego take over or lost sight of creating a compelling game. He goes on to say this about trusting your instincts:

"Your instincts are your first, best test bed for any story beat, if something clicks with you when you're writing it, hopefully, and probably, it's going to resonate with somebody else. The second-best resource in a game studio is your team. When you have a team rallying around a moment or an idea or a beat, it tells you you're onto something."


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