Google Stadia: Stadia Signs New Game Deals With Rock Band And Until Dawn Developers

Google has signed new deals with developers, bringing exclusive games to the platform.

Here's the latest!

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Stadia Deal Signing

Google has connected with new developers to create exclusive games for its platform, Stadia.

Splash Damage who made Gears Tactics, is working on a new multiplayer game, Outcasters.

Robot Entertainment has released their third title of the Orcs Must Die! series recently which comes as part of the Stadia Pro subscription.

Stadia has teamed with Until Dawn and Rock band developers, Supermassive Games and Harmonix to create exclusive game titles for the platform.

We don't know what titles these may be or if the projects have even been started but it's positive to see Stadia working with some well-known names in the industry. 

They snatched Sony's Santa Monica Studio head, Shannon Studhill months ago to take charge of their California office, working with the head of content, Jade Raymond to create exclusives using their Google cloud platform.

We can't wait to see what more Stadia has to offer.

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