Going Medieval: How To Cook Food

Going Medieval continues to garner interest from fans thanks to it being a game in Steam’s Early Access, with many first-time players giving the RTS a chance, even if they find some staples of the genre a bit annoying.

With plenty of things to do and more content to come, fans are excited to dedicate their time in this game with tons of management, which is why you see a lot of players asking to do seemingly basic things in Going Medieval like cooking.

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Going Medieval: How To Cook Food

In order to cook in Going Medieval, players are gonna have to place a campfire somewhere first before they can start grilling that meat.

Players will be able to place a campfire by accessing the ‘Production Build’ menu and 15 pieces of wood are required to start cooking so get hacking.

Once you have 15 pieces of wood, make sure you have the needed resources to cook your meals and everything should be fine.

You can also choose how often food is cooked in Going Medieval so if you’re crazy, pick the ‘Forever’ option and watch your rations grow in a crazy huge way.

If newer players enjoy their experience with Going Medieval, mechanics like cooking should become second nature in no time so just be patient and let the game help you out.

We’re sure that players will enjoy their time with Going Medieval and it will be interesting to see how things end up changing when the title is out of Early Access, becoming an official game that can be reviewed.

Going Medieval is now available on Steam via Early Access.

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