Going Medieval: How To Build A Roof

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Going Medieval has been gaining plenty of buzz lately, with many intrigued by its setting and giving the RTS game a shot, making it an instant hit with gamers on Steam’s Early Access.

It’s gotten so much popularity that a lot of first-time RTS players are giving it a chance, which is nice to see, though a number of them don’t seem to have adopted that patience most veterans of the genre have.


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Going Medieval: How To Build A Roof

Players have been impatient about learning a number of basic things in the game, like putting a roof on one of your houses, which is pretty easy so we’re gonna help you all out.

To build a roof in Going Medieval, players will have to start building their house first and make sure they already have walls.


Obviously, you’ll need walls in your Going Medieval house so that your roof can stay afloat so once those have been made, go ahead and start making it.

You should be able to see the ‘Wicker Roof’ option now and depending on the materials players have, along with your building priority, minions should start making that roof.

Most players will know how to build a roof in Going Medieval after a few hours or even minutes into the game, though we don’t blame some of the less attentive players who are trying this out.

It will be interesting to see if the developers make a more in-depth tutorial in case this bothers more players and they really could, given how this is still in Early Access.

Going Medieval is now available on Steam via Early Access, though no official release date has been announced.