Going Medieval: How To Add Custom Map Sizes

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Going Medieval has been getting some buzz and the fact that it’s in Early Access now has a lot of fans excited, to the point that a number of gamers want to see it on the PS4 and Xbox One.

It will be interesting to see what the future of Going Medieval will be like post-Early Access, but until that happens, we’re interested in seeing how the current version of this game does, with features still being requested to this day.

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Going Medieval: How To Add Custom Map Sizes

One of those requested features has been Custom Map Sizes, with many Going Medieval fans hoping this eventually gets added to the game one day.

Until that happens, some fans have found a way to implement Custom Map Sizes in Going Medieval, though doing so isn’t exactly an in-game feature, though it’s not a mod either.

Players that want Custom Map Sizes in Going Medieval will have to browse the game’s installation folder (Going Medieval\Going Medieval_Data\StreamingAssets) where you’ll find a folder called MapV2.

Inside that folder, you’ll see a file called MapSizes.jon, which you can then edit with your text editor and will lead players to the map size.

From what can be seen (thanks GamePretty), it looks like this could be messy since this isn’t an official way to fix the Custom Map Sizes in Going Medieval.


While it hasn’t caused too many problems (yet), it’s best to wait for the developers to actually add some form of Map Editor in the game so be careful when doing this.

Going Medieval is now available in Early Access on Steam.

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