PS5's First Retail Game Has Been Manufactured

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We're less than a month away from the PlayStation 5, but a boxed game has already been spotted out in the wild.

As tweeted by Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, Godfall is the "first to manufacture next gen retail game in the world".


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First PS5 Boxed Game Shown 

Check out the tweet below:

Attention fellow game lovers, peers and enthusiasts: Behold the first Playstation 5 game! Hot off the presses, this is the first to manufacture next gen retail game in the world. Congratulations to Counterplay Games and the team here at Gearbox Publishing!
— Randy Pitchford (@DuvalMagic)
October 14, 2020

We've known for a while that PS5 games will share PS4's blue cases, but now that we've got the first retail game, we're getting excited to jump into a new console generation.


You can check out a Godfall combat walkthrough below:


We now know that the PS5 will run all of PS4's games, except for a minuscule list.

Check out which games won't be playable on the new console here.


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