Godfall: PS5 Title Not A Game-As-Service Title, Dev Confirms

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Godfall, Gearbox and Counterplay Games melee-focused looter, is not being developed with "games-as-service" in mind.

The game's technical producer, Richard Heyne, spoke to the best beard in the business, Arekkz Gaming and revealed some interesting details about the PS5 and PC exclusive.

Godfall Is Not A Games-As-Service, Will Not Have Microtransactions

You can check out the video below:


When asked about the games-as-service model that the likes of Destiny and The Division popularised, Heyne explained that the game has a definite sense of completion.

"There is an experience you can complete," Heyne explained, while also confirming the existence of "end-game content" in Godfall.


"There is more for the player to explore and revisit once they have completed their ascent of the Skybreaker Monolith."

"We don't consider the game a service," Heyne revealed. "There are no microtransactions in Godfall, but we are planning that there is plenty of content for the player to dig into once Macros [the game's antagonist] is defeated. Once you've completed the campaign, you will have the ability to go back to these realms and explore them in new ways, to experience new encounters, new challenges."

With so many games feeling like somewhat of an everlasting gobstopper in recent years that players need to log into constantly, the prospect of a definitive campaign with some bonus stuff at the end sounds much less daunting. In fact, Outriders from Square Enix is taking a similar approach. It too will offer a campaign and challenging end-game content, but won't need you to keep returning.